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Ignite NYC: The History of Online Advertising (Who really is to blame)

Here are the slides from my recent Ignite NYC talk on the history of online advertising. Video should be available shortly. Todd Sawicki: The REAL History of Online Advertising View more presentations from IGNITE NYC.

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The Fallacy & Conundrum of User Influenced Ad Models

As the online display ad business continues to focus more and more on the idea of user targeting (the idea of targeting the user instead of targeting the site or the context of the page), there is a growing interest … Continue reading

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Online Video – Not Here Yet – How a Big Number isn’t really That Big

Comscore (via Allen Stern at CenterNetwork) reports that 11.5 billion videos were watched online in March in the U.S.  11.5 billion sounds like an awfully big number.  But it’s not.  At least not in terms of web scale.  Comscore itself … Continue reading

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the future of social net advertising: making fun of emarketer

Cross post: Full post over at the Lookery corp blog here. Summary: eMarketer came out with some essentially nutty projections for the future of social net advertising.  As much as I wish and I hope eMarketer is right given my … Continue reading

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