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seattle 2.0 latest startup rankings released

Marcelo Calbucci runs Seattle 2.0 a blog that has quickly emerged as the running index of Seattle 2.0 web startups. Marcelo’s site is the first comprehensive list of Seattle based-startups and he deserves a lot of credit for his most … Continue reading

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facebook bites the pr bullet on beacon, but it lives on because in the end users don’t appear to be bothered

Whether his words or his team’s, Zuckerberg eats some crow today via the corporate facebook blog and apologizes for essentially some poor product decisions in Beacon. Responding to some critics, Facebook will offer a global opt-out for Beacon. As I … Continue reading

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here comes another bubble

Funniest video ever (at least to startup tech geeks). Here Comes Another Bubble Set to the tune of Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start the Fire.

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facebook’s beacon program isn’t the spawn of the devil – why you’ll grow to love it too

Based on all the hyperbole being spewed about Facebook’s recently-launched Beacon program from asinine FTC complaints to political activism run amok (and that’s my liberal friend Scott’s point of view) one would think that Facebook’s Beacon program was the spawn … Continue reading

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linkedin in play? if so where’s yahoo and msft?

My online penpal Allen Stern passes along the rumor that Fox Interactive Media is in discussions to buy the business networking behomoth LinkedIn.  Bravo – I say.  Linkedin would certainly offer a nice counter weight to the antics displayed within … Continue reading

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omg – apple’s not perfect! news at 11 (updated)

Scoble and Dave Winer spent the weekend rightfully complaining about problems with Apple’s latest OS – Leopard and rightfully so. From other reports – Leopard just doesn’t work – it’s as screwed up an update as Vista was to WinXP. … Continue reading

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a liberal finally sees the light regarading

To quote my friend and co-worker Scott Rafer’s reaction to’s silly campaign against facebook’s recently launched beacon program: “It’s heartbreaking, but somehow successful liberal activism always jumps the shark and goes in loco parentis. Hubris sucks. Today’s tragedy is … Continue reading

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cross post – Why Facebook Applications offer a Safe Harbor to Advertisers

Just posted on the Lookery blog about how Facebook apps are a potential safe harbor in the sea of unpredictable UGC comment. What’s amazing as I talk to friends in the online ad space how much advertisers and media planners … Continue reading

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condenet reaches out

I had the benefit of participating in a closed door, off the record online Media Summit last week but together by Kourosh Karimkhany and Erin Hakansson from CondeNet.  The event pulled together the senior media execs from Condenet , some … Continue reading

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back from the edge and someone i’m never rooming with

Sorry for the time off from blogging – I was wrapping a bunch of projects as I prepared to take on a new role – more to come on that. And thanks for my buddy dave stern (vc at clearstone … Continue reading

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