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A Little Love for TeachStreet

I’ve been meaning to write about my friend Dave Schappell’s startup TeachStreet since it launched back in April.  With TeachStreet’s launch into it’s second market – Portland today – now seems like the perfect time. First a little background – … Continue reading

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Good history of Lookery

Check it out – written by our publisher relations guru Rex Dixon.

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Calling BS on Wall Street’s YouTube Revenue Estimates

The recent WSJ article on Google’s difficulties monetizing YouTube has caught a lot of attention with the stat that Google can only sell ads around 4% of the videos on the site (due to copyright concerns).  With roughly a billion … Continue reading

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Reminder: You can find me on Twitter

Like a lot of folks I am spending less time blogging, more time working.  But I’m still offering up pithy thoughts throughout the day on twitter.  I can found at

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Online Video – Not Here Yet – How a Big Number isn’t really That Big

Comscore (via Allen Stern at CenterNetwork) reports that 11.5 billion videos were watched online in March in the U.S.  11.5 billion sounds like an awfully big number.  But it’s not.  At least not in terms of web scale.  Comscore itself … Continue reading

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Cool Link: The Genographic Project – An Atlas of the Human Journey

I heard about the Genographic Project while watching a documentary on some 4,000 year old European mummies found in Eastern China.  The Genographic Project is tracing the lineage and migration of humanity using mitochondrial DNA.  To a geek like me … Continue reading

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Glam – Proof Once Again that What Sounds to Good to be True Usually Is

Glam sent out notice on Friday that it would stop paying their guaranteed flat rate for unsold inventory.  For online ad industry insiders, Glam has always been looked at with an of eye of befuddlement.  Glam’s business model which was … Continue reading

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dinner with surf canyon and the realities of getting software & toolbar installs

Surf Canyon is a startup focused on improving search results that a college friend of mine, Dave Hardtke, is chief scientist (despite my prior stated views on inflated startup titles I bit my tongue and didn’t but Dave’s chops).  We … Continue reading

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Congrats TeachStreet on the Series A

John Cook breaks the news that my friend Dave Schappell has closed the series A for his startup – TeachStreet.  TeachStreet is building a directory of teachers and classes for instruction from lessons, classes to private tutors.  Dave is a … Continue reading

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Hanging at Graphing Social Patterns in SD

I’ll be in SD today and tomorrow hanging with the rest of the social net ecosystem at Graphing Social Patterns run by pal Dave McClure.  Check out my twitter feed (in sidebar) or follow me at for more up … Continue reading

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