Todd is a geek and with over 15 years of experience with online startups, media companies and everything in between. With senior management experience with early stage startups to emerging venture backed companies, Todd has extensive online advertising, monetization, user acquisition and business development experience. Todd has been at the intersection of the rise of online content, video and music from its earliest stages to its now emerging dominance.

Todd is currently the Chief Revenue Officer for the Cheezburger Network – the leading independent network of online humor sites including ICanHasCheezburger.com and FAILBlog.org.  The Cheezburger Network makes more then 12 million people a month laugh across more then a quarter of a billion page views.  Previously Todd was the VP Marketing/Business Dev at Lookery – where Todd lead the growth of Lookery’s ad network to 4 billion impressions a month leveraging 175 million user targeting profiles for Lookery’s next generation social ad and data targeting platform.  Todd has also working at online commerce, data, video and gaming startups in his career.

Todd can found online at his blog here, twitter (@sawickipedia), tumblr, facebook and linkedin.

For some feedback on Todd’s work – here’s a recommendation from the founder of blist.

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  3. Barbara Read says:

    Every girl needs a geek in her life, even if it is she who is the geek.  Geek means “the guy who knows stuff about the stuff we play with and work with every single day”.  Geeks are the guys who can easily chat away with each other about all things new in technology, all things cool on the internet and purport to know what’s coming next.  Funny geeks have a sixth sense about what is the next cool and interesting thing.  See I know this because I have worked for a geek for a solid year.  He inspired me, motivated me, pushed me, drove me, laughed at me, encouraged me and reminded me that life is full of surprises.  As the cool girl, the smart, edgy, hip New Yorker and the one who grew up in Advertising – - one who is not easily challenged or intimidated – - truly worships GEEKS.  

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