Congrats TeachStreet on the Series A

John Cook breaks the news that my friend Dave Schappell has closed the series A for his startup – TeachStreet.  TeachStreet is building a directory of teachers and classes for instruction from lessons, classes to private tutors.  Dave is a total rockstar and I can’t imagine him not being successful so I am glad I publicly congratulate he and the rest of the TeachStreet team on the round.  I expect great things out of them and front what I’ve seen visiting their office semi-regularly I don’t think I’ll be disappointed.

It’s been a good year so far for my friends with this being the second VC series A (blist earlier closed their series A) to close.  And to follow on a previous post – both Dave and Kevin (of blist) fit the in-demand experienced entrepreneur profile – nice to see my generation doing well.

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2 Responses to Congrats TeachStreet on the Series A

  1. We need Dave to host a little party now at 9th/Lenora!

  2. Todd — thanks for the plug — your support over the last few months has been fantastic — just what a stressed-out, over-worked and overly-caffeinated fellow needs!

    Jordan — a party at 9th & Lenora sounds like a great idea — maybe for some usability testing later next week? We’ll see what we can do :-)


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