I’m Alive and Presenting Next Week at Ignite Seattle (Feb 19)

I’ve been uber-swamped with work, projects, advisory stuff and everything else that comes along with being knee-deep in startup-land and thus despite having lots of things I want to blog just not finding the time these days. Lookery’s going great – just wrapping up our seed round with some very cool folk as well as seeing an almost overwhelming response to our ad program for social net apps. And of course Lookery is even hiring.

Despite all that, I am excited to be presenting next week at Ignite Seattle (Tues. Feb 19 at the Capital Hill Arts Center). My presentation is titled “The History of Online Advertising.” Hopefully the local folks can make it out. Ignite is a lot of fun and draws great crowds.

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4 Responses to I’m Alive and Presenting Next Week at Ignite Seattle (Feb 19)

  1. Looking forward to it, Todd. You’re right – Ignite is a lot of fun. I love how it draws a good number of smart folks doing really interesting things in Seattle.

  2. Rex Dixon says:

    I was just about to say – “Dude, you haven’t touched your blog lately.” :) But I know the feeling. I need to get on this speaking gig thing you and SR are on. Of course, right now, head deep in everything else!


  3. Hi Todd,

    Your presentation sounds very interesting indeed. Will you be publishing the slides?

    Have a good conference,


  4. Greg O'Byrne says:

    dangit, I missed it. I’ve been wanting to go to an ignite event…

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