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Oh yeah some money changed hands (Opera switches from Yahoo to Google for Search)

Presumably with a straight face Marshall Kirkpartrick over at Read/Write Web writes about Opera switching it’s default search provider from Yahoo! to Google saying “Presumably there’s some money changing hands.” Ya think?  Search distribution is a big money game.  Google … Continue reading

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Seattle Venture Scene: Madrona on Fire & Seattle VC Scene waking up?

One of the interesting challenges to being a startup guy in Seattle vs. the Bay Area is that there are a lot more VC’s down there versus here.  As a result there is more competition amongst VC’s for good deals … Continue reading

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Startup Prime

Over the past year I have had the chance to advise, consult, and work at a number of early stage companies. And as I sit here on a flight to Silicon Valley this morning, I have a few seconds to … Continue reading

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eric’s right: dopplr too closed

Thanks to Scott I am using Dopplr to document my upcoming trips – but the lack of public profiles is a hindrance to discovering folks to meetup with.  As EricM notes if you want to see what happens when you … Continue reading

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I’m Alive and Presenting Next Week at Ignite Seattle (Feb 19)

I’ve been uber-swamped with work, projects, advisory stuff and everything else that comes along with being knee-deep in startup-land and thus despite having lots of things I want to blog just not finding the time these days. Lookery’s going great … Continue reading

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