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A friend of mine, Kevin Merritt, blogged recently that folks should blog about the startups they like to help them out.  In this case, I’m going to blog about things that are driving me nuts, batty, bonkers or just plain up a wall.  I want to get these things off my chest before the end of the year so I can start fresh.

- Firefox for Mac (v 2.0.x) is awful.  Just awful.  It has to be the slowest browser on any platform on the planet.  It crashes all the time, hogs a ton of memory and seriously makes me yearn for IE7 on WinXP so much so that I am finding myself using it more and more in Parallels on my Mac.   Until Camano and Safari support the toolbars and plug-ins that Firefox and IE support, using those alternatives is a non-starter in my world.  Maybe Firefox 3 will be better, it certainly can’t be any worse.

- MacOffice 2004 and Entourage actually are slower then Firefox.  Just pitiful cousins to their Windows counterparts.  Why in heaven’s name did Microsoft not just knock them off literally instead of attempting to re-make them in some seemingly half-ass way for the Mac? Excel 2004 and Entourage drive me especially batty.

- Mac laptops need 2 mouse buttons.  Steve Jobs it’s going to be 2008 already.  Get over it.  You’re damn company’s OS supports a right mouse click natively and has for years.  Get over yourself already.  In fact – the single mouse button at this point almost makes the laptop in many situations.

-  I can’t believe how hard it is to find a Wii.  Seriously the lack of supply in this day and age of endless contract manufacturing in China is mind-boggling.  I have read some estimates that Nintendo left a couple of billion – yes billion – dollars on the table this Christmas season due to lack of supply.  This is almost as stupid as Yahoo was for not having a yield based SEM platform for years until Panama came out some 4.5 years after Google introduced the concept thus leaving tens of billions on the table.

- The GMail interface still drives me nuts.  Seriously when will Google realize some people actually don’t like a threaded view (in fact I hate it).  Classic example of one size fits none.

- When will folks pay attention to Amazon.com’s privacy practices?  After the over-rated digerati uprising over Facebook’s beacon platform, I can’t figure out how Amazon gets such a free pass.  Seriously have you read all the data on and – yes – outside of their domains on their users?  Have you noticed you many dozens – yes dozens – of pages their privacy policy is?

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- Why is Twitter so damn buggy and down all the time?  Recently the Twitter to FB status sync has been broken dozens of times while my Twitter feed misses friends updates.  Twitter’s help desk acknowledges its a known bug.  Fix it please.  The point of twitter is to keep in touch with many friends and not be left guessing what’s going on in their lives.

- TSA and Airport security.  What a joke and waste of time.  Either do it right ala the Israelis (now that’s security) or give it up.

- Laptop battery life or why don’t all airlines have power plugs at their seats yet?  I thought they actually wanted higher paying business customers on their flights?  And why laptops don’t last 8 hours yet on a single charge in normal use modes is amazing to me – we’ve been stuck at >2 hours for 10 years.

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- Untargeted online ads.  Seriously in this day and age there’s no reason to be ads by the tonnage anymore.  And the way I’m tracked online, I’m sure somone (likely google) has figured out what my grandkids names are going to be.  I don’t need to see any more dating ads (i’m happily married).

That’s it for now.  <phew> I feel better already.

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4 Responses to end of year rant

  1. Todd,

    Breathe in… breathe out… breathe in… breathe out…


    Happy New Year!


  2. Scott Rafer says:

    ctrl-Click is good enough as right click.

  3. And another thing! What is it with these kids and their Hippity Hoppity music and their Rock and / or Roll? They need to turn that noise off and start listening to some good music…

  4. Greg O'Byrne says:

    You haven’t drunk enough Mac coolaid yet Todd…

    And ctrl-click is not good enough, and a two button mouse is not enough either, gimme 5 buttons. I use ‘em all.

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