seattle 2.0 latest startup rankings released

Marcelo Calbucci runs Seattle 2.0 a blog that has quickly emerged as the running index of Seattle 2.0 web startups. Marcelo’s site is the first comprehensive list of Seattle based-startups and he deserves a lot of credit for his most watched creation: the Seattle Startup Index. If you’ve ever wondered which startups are based in Seattle – now you know. Marcelo – I must apologize for taking so long to give your site some much deserved props – keep up the good work.

Though I don’t want to regurgitate the entire list – it is interesting to see how companies are doing that I have either worked with as a consultant/advisor or have friends there. Here are some thoughts (in order of their appearance on the list):

  • Zillow (3) – my friend Vanessa Fox just left after a brief stay at Zillow – good luck at Ignition. Zillow falls into a strange class of startup given how much money they raised – they have so much cash and so many people (well over 100) that they seemingly skipped the whole startup phase and went right to mid-life crisis. Also amazing how much traffic Zillow has compared to Redfin (23).
  • Widgetbucks aka Mpire (8) – Mpire started in the comparison shopping space a couple of years ago but recently with the launch of its Widgetbucks platform has embraced the distributed e-commerce model. I had lunch with my fellow Loudeye alum Greg Harrison, Mpire’s CTO and Co-founder, last week and was blown away by the success of their widgetbucks platform. Without giving away specifics – its growing like weeds and offering publishers some really cool monetization options behind the banner.
  • JamGlue (18) – This social music community built around JamGlue’s very cool music mashup tools has been growing very strongly and steadily since I started working with Divya Bhat and the gang earlier this year.  They are a very resourceful group and am more then pleased to see them become more and more successful.
  • Judy’s Book (22) – The story has already been told by Andy Sack and am surprised to see it end this way.  As anyone who is familiar with the Seattle startup seen – Andy is not only an active entrepreneur but investor as well.  He’s clearly one of the folks at the center of the Seattle 2.0 orbits and deservedly so.
  • blist (73) – Kevin Merritt, founder & CEO of blist, has begun peeling off the layers of secrecy surrounding the company’s product.  Having seen a demo recently from Kevin, I was more then impressed.  Kevin’s goal of creating a database as easy to use as excel but that actually is a relational database seems to be coming true.  For the first time I really got it – ie. why excel isn’t a relational database and at the same time seeing how you can show that within an excel gui metaphor.  Awesome work by the team and trust me – this is going to be a home run.  I can’t wait to get my live account – as a hardcore excel user with a db phobia – blist will be right in my wheel house – I already 3 or 4 blists in my head that I need to put in a blist.  Also I have no bones endorsing blist for any aspiring engineer looking to break into the startup scene – Yep blist is hiring.  If you want an intro to Kevin regarding a job – just ping me via the comments.  Happy to pass your name along.
  • Others Online (81) – I joined the company’s advisory board earlier this fall and though Others Online looks like a different take on MyBlogLog (a company whose founders are also friends down in SF) – its really building a very interesting service that goes wayyyyy beyond a simple personal introduction widget (which you’ll see on the right sidebar of this blog).  Jordan Mitchell’s, founder and CEO of OO, background in contextual advertising makes for an interesting cross section with the rise of social media.  Another Loudeye alum, Doug Schulze, just signed onboard with Others Online as well.  Look for a fuller story about what OO is up to in the new year.
  • TeachStreet (104) – Founded by Dave Schappell – TeachStreet is well on its way to becoming what could be the ultimate directory for lessons, coaching, tutors, and continued learning.  A former Amazonian who I’ve gotten to know this past year thanks to an intro from Dave McClure of 500 Hats fame (yes a Bay Area guy had to make a Seattle intro at least the intro happened locally), has put together a killer team and are on pace to roll out a killer service for its category.  Given who and what Dave is personally – I just can’t imagine TeachStreet not being successful.

Now where is my current company Lookery on that list?  It’s not – while I am Seattle – HQ is in SF with development out of Boston.  At the very least, hopefully Lookery will be able to help these Seattle web 2.0 startups monetize their traffic.  So if I come asking your startup for a desk to work at for a little while – now you know why ;)

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  1. Thanks for the kind words, Todd — know that you’ve got a workspace at/on TeachStreet any time you’re in the neighborhood!


  2. Thx for the link love. My what an imagination you have! There’s absolutely nothing interesting about me, Others Online, or any story we’ll have in the future. There is no cross-section between contextual advertising and social media, and if there were it’d be short-term because we all know those are just fads!

    Ditto Dave on the workspace offer. We have a sink!

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