omg – apple’s not perfect! news at 11 (updated)

Scoble and Dave Winer spent the weekend rightfully complaining about problems with Apple’s latest OS – Leopard and rightfully so. From other reports – Leopard just doesn’t work – it’s as screwed up an update as Vista was to WinXP.

As someone who has a Macbook and runs parallels (entourage sucks and outlook is still the best exchange client and if you want OTA blackberry calendar and contact sync you need to use exchange) – I’m no fanboy for either OS. I am just glad folks are realizing that the hype is often just that.

Update:  This just in from Apple Insider – Leopard causes Macbook’s and Macbook Pro keyboards to freeze.  Combined the growing disaster that Leopard has become and Apple’s screwup in handling third party developers for the iPhone and one starts to wonder about the emperor steve’s new clothes…

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