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I had the benefit of participating in a closed door, off the record online Media Summit last week but together by Kourosh Karimkhany and Erin Hakansson from CondeNet.  The event pulled together the senior media execs from Condenet , some leading VCs (including Brad Feld, Jeff Clavier and Tony Conrad) and an interesting cross section of startups (Rock You, Automattic, SideStep,, and of course Lookery) for a day of frank discussion about the state and trends in online media.

The purpose of the event was to expose a group of startups and VCs to what few realize is one of the largest media companies in the US – Conde Nast – in tech circles best known for it’s publication Wired – and help to connect the dots between Condenet and Silicon Valley.  However, what few realize is that Conde Nast owns not only a bunch of other magazines but also large newspaper, tv and cable holdings.  It offers a lot of potential opportunities for online media startup.

Kourosh and Erin want the Valley to know that they are an interested potential acquirer (see their purchase of Reddit last year) and business development partner.  So if you have a deal you think is relevant to Conde Nast and CondeNet – please look them up.  Based on the conversation and dialog from last you won’t be disappointed in Erin or Kourosh’s understanding of what’s going on online media in all its flavors and forms.

Thanks for Erin and Kourosh inviting Lookery and myself and I look forward to participating again in the future.

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