Graphing Social Patterns

Dave McClure wrote a good article today on TechCrunch that is a great primer on why the social graph concept is so important and how you can use it on social networks like Facebook to launch, promote and build an audience for your startup, company or product.  It’s as close to marketing inside Facebook for Dummies (and that’s a good compliment by the way) that I’ve seen.

Dave is also putting on a conference in San Jose Oct. 7-9 called appropriately enough Graphing Social Patterns: The Business and Technology of Facebook that will be a great primer for folks, startups, and companies looking to understand and take advantage of Facebook eco-system.  Dave’s lined up a great lineup of speakers with plenty of Facebook insiders as well as the folks building companies in the Facebook eco-system.  I plan on attending as well so hopefully I will see some of you there.  And don’t worry unlike other Facebook conferences which require a very inside baseball knowledge to understand what’s going on, Dave’s conference promises to be interesting for the social graph experts out there as well as newcomers to the scene but looking to learn how to jump in with both feet.

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  1. See you there, Mr. Sawicki — first one to spot the other gets a free coffee!

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