how the iphone price cut lost its cool

The iPhone’s (aka JesusPhone) price cut is the price cut heard round the world.  But why are folks up in arms?  Because suddenly the cult of cool might not be nearly so exclusive anymore.

It’s not about $200 – it’s all about having your uncool, cheapstake friends now saying – heh I can get a JesusPhone too now.  A bunch of folks are arguing whether its fair but that’s not the point – fair isn’t the issue – the crying foul is about losing its coolness.

Part of being cool is being early, being exclusive essentially above the crowd and definitely not being mainstream.  When things go mainstream they lose their cool.  It’s a fact of life that has been plauging marketers of luxury and seemingly cool goods for years – the trade off between mainstream profits and revenues vs. the chic of being hip and exclusive where the hipness sells the product for you.  There’s a reason why BMW doesn’t sell a $20k car or that Porshce doesn’t either.  Their brands are about the mystique of exclusivity and the iPhone for a moment was the same.

Despite their cries over the iPhone going mainstream, the hipsters (aka early adopters) know and want their little prizes to go mainstream.  They need to be the predictors of mainstream trends or otherwise they lose the cred from their friends and families as the purveyors of taste.  But what pisses them off is that their window of coolness instead of a year or two was reduced to three months.  Three months is just not long enough to prance around with your superiority dance and impress all your friends.  It takes a good 6-12 months to do that.

Trust me if the iPhone price cut had occured in January not a word would have been uttered because those hipsters would have been ready to dump their JesusPhones on the masses next year and ready to move onto the next new thing.

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