blist goes online

blist, founded by Kevin Merritt, is starting to come out of its shell. Kevin launched his blist blog today as well as now offering some tantalizing clues as to what blist is going to be about on the company’s website. To quote:

If you can make a list, you can make a blist. If a blog is a web log, well, a blist is a web list. A blist is a list with some structure.

You can create all kinds of useful blists – one might be a list of dates, like a calendar, another might be a list of contacts, like an address book, a third might even be a collection of pictures, books, wines, or stocks.

blist lets you organize all these lists, connect one list to another, and share any part or all of the information easily online.

Create. Organize. Share. Connect.

Kevin and the team are working on some really cool stuff that the rest of you are going to have wait to see (I’m under one of those survivor-esque NDA’s where I have to give Kevin my first born if I say anything). But you can go and sign to be on their beta list here. And if you’re a Seattle entreprenuer, then definitely look up Kevin – he’s up for pizza at Zeke’s down in Kirkland.

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