quick rant: teaser posts in rss feeds are lame

The final straw to me was when freakonomics was bought recently by the nytimes and as part of the new regime their feed changed from complete posts to teaser posts.  As someone who reads almost all his rss feeds on his blackberry curve to kill time during the day, it’s a royal PITA to click through to a site.  How un-user friendly.  I get the idea is to make me click to see an ad – but hello don’t folks realize you can put ads in the RSS feed?  It’s just not worth subcribing to teaser post feeds anymore in this day and age of user choice and control.  The idea today is to give users choices and control – not subvert them to some antiquated, old-media view of the way the world should work.  Boo Freakonomics.  Tell your bosses at the nytimes.com you just lost a reader.

And in a bit of irony – one of the freaknomics writers recently wrote about the issue blaming the new corporate bosses.  Of course his mea culpa on was a teaser post so I don’t konw what he actually said.  Here’s the teaser post.

Feed, Interrupted: Another RSS Issue

It has recently come to our attention that roughly 90% of the people who read this blog via RSS feed had their subscriptions interrupted when we moved our blog to NYTimes.com about 10 days ago. (If you don’t read this blog via feed, you probably have no idea what I am talking about, and nothing [...]

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  1. Tom says:

    If you’re interested, I’ve written a web service that can provide full feeds when given a partial one. The front end is here:


    A link to the Freakonomics feed after being passed through the service is here:


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