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startup advice: titles matter – a parable for proper titles (lose those evp’s and svp’s)

We’ve all seen little, itty-bitty startups with execs with title like EVP of this or SVP of that.  Unfortunately they’re silly and unnecessary.  To a VC it screams this guy or gal doesn’t get it – startups aren’t about titles, … Continue reading

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Feeds Interrupted No More! Full Text RSS Solution for Partial Text RSS Feeds

Tom from EchoDitto has built a tool that solves the problem of all those partial post RSS feeds that are bugging the heck out of me. Here’s a link to his Full RSS Feed web service – Highly recommended … Continue reading

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quick rant: teaser posts in rss feeds are lame

The final straw to me was when freakonomics was bought recently by the nytimes and as part of the new regime their feed changed from complete posts to teaser posts.  As someone who reads almost all his rss feeds on … Continue reading

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Are you insane?!?! $2.3 million for a Facebook App! (or the logic behind paying $1.30 per user and why it’s not so insane)

Yep another Facebook post (hopefully I won’t turn into Dave McClure <jk>) but I think the reaction to Trip Advisor’s purchase of the Where I’ve Been FB app for $1.30 per user or $3 million for 2.3 million users justifies … Continue reading

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Winer vs. Calacanis – Let’s Get Ready to RUMBLE!

Yesterday at Gnomedex – Jason Calacanis gave a presentation that ended up unfortunately being a commercial for Mahalo. Jason’s cause behind Mahalo is just in his fight against search spam and if he had stuck to that mission, that mantra … Continue reading

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gnomedex 2007 – thoughts from the floor

I am attending gnomedex today and tomorrow grokking with an interesting slice of the tech blogosphere and startup-sphere.  Some of the folks I have finally met face to face include Dave Winer, Robert Scoble, Beth Goza, Vanessa Fox, Shannon Clarke, … Continue reading

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interview with head of tsa – why is airport security so annoying?

Found via Digg – here’s a no-holds barred q&a with the head of TSA on why the 3oz liquid rule is in effect.  I share much of the same skepticism as the questioner but the direct answers at least show there’s … Continue reading

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McClure + Google + Metrics = Advertising OS and Lock-in

Dave McClure puts down the Facebook crackpipe to grok about Google Analytics and how it represents another layer of Google’s online marketing dominance.  And Dave’s right – Dave and I talked extensively about this notion back at the Web Analytics … Continue reading

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winer’s on to something here – open source feedburner that is

Dave Winer has been bloggingabout feedburner in response to Google’s acquisition of the company.  Dave is concerned about how Google might co-opt feedburner to their benefit – ie. special tie-in’s to google reader for instance that might put other readers … Continue reading

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