loomia gets big customer win – wsj.com

Loomia (the startup I’ve been working with and running their marketing) announced a huge customer win yesterday with the announcement of Dow Jones as a customer.  Loomia is now serving recommendations to the WSJ.com providing recommendation under the header of “People who Read this, also read…”.  Here’s a link to the release.  Arrington over at TechCrunch did a great writeup as well as Chris over at MarketingRev. This was a big customer win because of the challenge it posted for Loomia (and really any of the company’s competitors like my friends over at Aggregate Knowledge).  Most recommendations technologies are based on mining troves of user data to find common patterns.  Meaningful patterns take time to emerge and that has posed a challenge with news articles because of the lifecycle of a news article is measured in hours while products and other content have timelines that measure months or years.  The key is that Loomia was able to adapt its technology to measure the usage patterns in the window of hours a big step forward in the space.

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