are you kidding me? no search in google reader, huh?

I recently switched to using google reader (google’s rss reader – to which I can’t believe newgator still charges for their rss reader a serious but separate are you kidding me but that’s an aside).  What pushed me over the edge despite my general disdain for google apps (see my post why I can’t stand gmail for an example) is their mobile browser support.  It’s killer and works great on my blackberry curve.  What I discovered for me at least was the killer app for rss reading was synching the read items.  Just like email – having a single, common, synched list was vital especially as someone who subscribe’s to over a 100 feeds.  The mobile device as an extension of the desktop really makes a world of productivity improvement.

That being said – I wanted to look for a blog post that I had a few weeks ago tonite to reference for another post here and so I headed over to google reader and fully expected a big, fat search box.  I mean it’s google the king of search for god’s sake.  Well what did I realize – no search box.  Nada, Zip, Zilch, Nunca, Nothing.  That’s right – there’s no search function in the Google Reader.  Who would have thunk that?

Here’s a screenshot – note the lack of search box or feature.


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