101 spock private beta invites available

comment if you want one and register your email since its required to send the invite.

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8 Responses to 101 spock private beta invites available

  1. I’d like to try spock out. Plz send an invite my way.


  2. Brian says:

    I’d like an invite, please and thanks.


  3. falcon2000eg says:

    i want to try it .so send me one plz,thanks in advance

  4. todd says:

    Falcon you need to leave your email address.

  5. Hey I like to try it out.

    I’m a Geek Movie Director who just released a teaser for my upcoming Internet-series over at http://www.andrehedetoft.com

    Thanks! ;)

  6. william says:

    Hey there, can i get a spock invite? Found your blog from scobleizer :)

    willseattle AT gmail dot com

  7. jason says:

    Hi! May I have a Spock beta invite? Thanks a bunch!

  8. Eric says:

    Can I have one, if I’m not too late?

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