been busy blisting and hanging with the loomiacs

blist and Loomia have been keeping me busy for sure.  And on top of that helping with the Casual Game Association’s – seattle conference (Casual Connect) coming up next month I’m swamped!  I have a bunch of posts in the backlog that I need to get on here, but in the meantime, just wanted to drop a note to say I haven’t disappeared or forgotten about this blog.  

Startup observation of the week – should startups provide computers and software anymore?  Is it necessary – everyone who works in tech seems to own their own laptop and with free alternatives to practically all software today from productivity apps like office (zoho, open office, google) to even programming and graphics apps as well.  I know there have been plenty of posts about how its 10x to a 100x less capital intensive to start a tech or web-based startup today, but this is part of that story.

Food for thought.

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