McClure on SMO (Social Media Optimization)

Dave McClure, man of 1,000 startup connections (seriously if you’re a startup in the valley and haven’t met dave I am not sure you exist :) ), writes a good “come-to-jesus” post about the importance of social media in online marketing.   As I have commented before here – the social media hubs can drive an insane amount of traffic if you get hooked in either with catchy viral content or with user generated comments and feedback.  Just ask guys like iLike about the power of social media to drive online marketing.  It’s also one of the reasons Dave and I are stoked about Spock (discloure – we’ve both worked with spock) since it piggybacks on that movement.

For some perspective on the size of social media and it’s traffic – check out this post which gives context to the amount of traffic traffic that MySpace and Facebook drive as a % of all internet traffic.

And lastly, Dave thanks for the props!

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One Response to McClure on SMO (Social Media Optimization)

  1. dave mcclure says:

    interesting stats on social media sites in that other post you mentioned…

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