people search: worth $30 billion?

Don Dodget does a great analysis this morning on what 1% of the search market is worth.  Putting my Spock hat on (disclosure – I did some work for them last winter), you can see why the market is excited about people search.  Assuming that people search in its broadest definition represents 30% of the search volume, then Spock’s playing in a market that could be worth $30 billion.  That’s a big market.  And it’s easy to see what David Stern & Bill Quigley from Clearstone Ventures and Ken Elefant from Opus Capital saw when they put in $8 million into Spock last fall.  And as a shareholder of Spock – I sure hope Don Dodge is right!

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One Response to people search: worth $30 billion?

  1. MIKE HYPE says:

    I would like just a small slice of the pie. LOL!

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