technorati re-launches – but their search still lacking

Discussed widely online (such as at read/write web), Technorati recently upgraded/re-launched their site to expand their search focus beyond just blog posts.  That might be all fine and good, except Technorati isn’t that good at search.  Like all good bloggers, I do the ego-check at Technorati to check on how many blogs are linked to this blog.  And consistently they miss probably half the links to this site (interestingly enough Google’s blog search product is able to find the other half that technorati misses).  Not sure what Technorati is using as their crawler (either an in-house spider or perhaps a processing of Alexa’s web-wide crawl) but whatever they are doing is falling well short of their promise.  It’s great that Technorati put a new coat of paint on their house, but unless they can truly be the place to find blog links and posts, well they won’t make it.  Hopefully with the new coat of paint dry, their engineers can now focus on fixing the leaky plumbing so to speak.

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