seattle vs. san francisco

Thank goodness Andy Sack is trying to do something about the lack of startup/entrepreneur networking in Seattle because compared to the scene in the Bay Area there is seeming none.  Since working with Spock and now Loomia down in the Bay Area and commuting back and forth between the two areas on a semi-regular basis, I’ve gotten to know more online startup folks then I have in probably the last 5 years in Seattle.  Seattle’s been fortunate that has some of the all time home runs in the computing/online space, but there’s a lot more work to be done to end up with a startup environment like the Bay Area.   Seattle really needs guys like Dave McClure to help grease the skids.  Dave’s a natural connector for folks in the Bay Area – he has to be Kevin Bacon of that scene (ie. 6 degrees or less from everyone in the tech startup space).  This week’s highlight was meeting Eric and Todd of MyBlogLog – great guys and it turns out we have a lot of similar interests.  Now I guess I need to add the MyBlogLog widget finally.

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  1. dave mcclure says:

    thanks todd :)

    connection starts at home tho… why don’t *you* become seattle’s kevin bacon of tech? seems like you’re already doing it!

    - dmc

  2. Helping startups and others network is key 2 getting ‘young’ (we’re not talking age here) ones going and building a momentum.

    Its happen’n here in Colorado ( , Ireland ( , London/UK ( and other places…


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