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Definitely a step up from the e-commerce panel from my perspective.  Since analytics and measurement are now so core to online marketing this panel was right up my alley.  Good perspective with two vendors - Atlas and CoreMetrics – and two companies – and Scripps – on the panel.  Here are some of the interesting outtakes from my perspective:

- Cookie deletion is a big, ugly thorn since measurement relies on cookies and with users and anti-spyware apps deleting these it can realy throw a monkey wrench into online marketing campaigns.  For instance – conversions are undercounted typically 12-15% and as high as 20% depending on the system and scenario.  Now relying on absolute sales against all marketing dollars can overcome that but it prevents a level of granularity that allows you to say X campaign did better then Y campaign since 12-15% is a large variance.

- The other amazing stat related as well to cookie deletion is how many impressions get chewed up by the 12-15% of users who delete cookies.  Supposedly according to Atlas, up to 50% of impressions are delivered to the 12-15% of users who delete cookies.  No wonder people that vocal minority (cookie deleters are typically more technical and early adopters of technologies) hates online ads.  You see the problem is that most ad campaigns have frequency caps that limit the amount of times you see an ad.  However, the ad delivery systems rely on cookies to tell them whether you have already seen a particular ad.  So no cookie means you get to see a particular ad an unlimited number of times.  In effect, you overstate reach (# of users touched) and understate average frequency (# of times ad seen by a user).  What a mess.

- The new for a new metric beyond CPA especially with brand advertising and social media on the rise.  Atlast proposed Cost per Minute of User Engagement.  I like it.  Makes a ton of sense. Of course, measuring that stat still relies on cookies ;-)

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  1. Sara LeWinter says:

    Very interesting and pertinent information, key to the industry. Thanks!

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