adtech – e-commerce panel

Quick post before hitting the Hitwise event tonite.  Sat for the e-commerce panel which featured speakers from Levi’s and Lego’s Direct.  Yep there was the expected discussion about how the sites are engaging user generated content and marketing which wasn’t anything that earth shattering.  The main takeaway for me was around the use of behavioral targeting.  Levi’s is trying to use behavioral targeting both with its advertising as well as in-site product targeting but is struggling with just how much it really wants to track its customers.  Lego Direct has yet to do anything with behavioral because of concerns over privacy and COPA (Children Online Privacy Act) and needing the lawyers to sign off. 

For better or worse for Loomia which uses behavioral information for product targeting, the market’s still early.  Most sites are not using the technology yet.  Clearly Loomia is hoping the market uptake over the next 12-18 months is relatively fast.  It will be interesting to see if the timing’s right.

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