Does Google own the Internet?

My friend Andy pens that Google owns the Internet in the same way Microsoft owned the PC in the 90′s.  I don’t know if I agree that Google owns the Internet but it does currently own monetizing the Internet or at least until someone figures out how to monetize social networking and media traffic.  For anyone who has touched myspace traffic via ads or widgets will tell you – Myspace owns consumer traffic. 

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One Response to Does Google own the Internet?

  1. Caspian Graca Da Silva says:


    i wouldn’t worry dude, don’t think of it in the terms of “who owns what” which is a very corporate, Microsoft, view-point…….

    google’s owners Larry Page, Sergey Brin and all the google staff all tend to be pure at heart, even thought google may have a massive network building up, and they may have information that includes personal stuff, google would never use that against you.

    don’t think of google’s spread as a take over, but more as an incorporation, i may not know alot about google’s future plans, but i can assure ya that google’s growth is a great connection of people and information (a thing that me and ‘ethical hackers’ alike have been trying to achive for years)

    so, don’t worry, google’s growth is surely a good thing, if ya hear otherwise give me a call (email), and merry christmas!

    - Caspian Graca Da Silva

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