It’s a small world after all

One thing about working in online startups is to remember never burn bridges because you never who or when you will bump into someone from your past.  It’s a small world after all.

I had a few such experiences this past week at the Topix party around Web 2.0 Expo (BTW – thumps up to Topix – great venue and guest list). 

First I ran into Alison Macondary former GM of Wired News.  Well a few years ago the company I was almost acquired Lycos including Wired News.  It was fun to trade a few war stories about that deal which resulted in one Daum acquiring Lycos (ed. note – one of the major – huh? as in what are they thinking deals of the last couple of years).

Then I ran into Kurt Buechler currently SVP of Sales and BD for Aggregate Knowledge (as Loomia calls it – AK – they are a Loomia competitor).  Kurt once upon a time was the head of BD for Windows Media back when I was at Loudeye.   Kurt was a major partner of the company so I knew Kurt quite well as we were jointly trying to expand the digital music landscape.

Later Kurt “introduced” me to the CEO of AK – Paul Martino.  Paul and I immediately recognized each other and then realized we had done a deal together back when he was at InterTrust many moons ago while I was at Loudeye.  Needless to say Kurt, Paul and I wasted no time in trading all war stories.  Even as competitors now, it is nice to see old faces in new places.

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One Response to It’s a small world after all

  1. Todd is an awesome dude. Smart, driven, innovative, and a really nice guy.

    I have enjoyed working with him when I was at MS and will enjoy being in the same industry again.

    I think that competitors help each other develop and better the segment for partner and consumers…the world becomes a better place as a result.


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