Geeking out this Weekend = Monster Whiteboard

I’ve often been accused of being a marketing geek and this past weekend I embraced my inner marketing geek.

Like any marketing geek worth his salt – I need a white board to work through ideas, thoughts especially when working on a new business plan (which I am) and/or to just goof around.  I am so beyond using paper ;-)

Not content with simple 2′x3′ or even a 4′x6′ whiteboard you can find in any office supply store – I wanted to go big, monster even.  So after looking around online I discovered you can cover walls with Melamine and walla you have Monster Whiteboard.  So I took the truck over to Home Despot (spelling intentional) this weekend and bought 2 4′x8′ sheets of Solid White Tileboard (SKU #A 253-540 $13/sheet for those tracking at home) and some wood screws to mount the tileboard (or you can use construction glue but that’s not a great idea if you even want to replace or remove the tileboard).  I spent Sunday afternoon mounting the tileboard on one wall in my new home office (ed. note – get your wife’s buy in before doing this if you want to maintain some marital peace).

And so now I have one Monster Whiteboard – 8′x8′ baby!  64 square feet of whitboard mania.  World watch out!

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2 Responses to Geeking out this Weekend = Monster Whiteboard

  1. I’d love to see photos of the new whiteboard wall, especially if they contain secrets for taking over the world already…

  2. todd says:

    I should be able to take pictures… unfortunately no plans on them yet to take over the word

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