Feeling Good vs. Doing Good

I love to needle my liberal friends about how that the reason conservatives find fault with liberal ideas is that a lot of them are about feeling good about solving a problem vs. actually solving the problem.

“Protecting/Cleaning/Saving” the environment is one of those issues that is a standard bearer issue for most liberals.  And so to show their love for the environment a lot of them rushed out to buy a Prius.  Now the truth is getting out that the Prius’s aren’t so green after all.  Check out this article  which  discussed how Prius’s might actually cause more environmental issues then a Hummer!

Of course anyone who understands anything about batteries would have seen this one coming since you aren’t even supposed to dump batteries in land fills any more because they leach toxic chemicals.  Now if I could just get my environmental friends to stop driving their vw bugs (original) for a new car with modern emissions controls I might just help the environment today (for those who are unaware something like 90% of emissions from cars comes from cars built before 1979 despite something like less then 10% of the cars on the road dating back that far).

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