windows vs. os x – windows 1, os x 0

to all the apple maniacs out there who love to tout how bullet proof their os is, all i have to say now is – b.s. last night my shiny six week old macbook began crashing every time i tried to boot it up. all i got (and am still getting) is the lovely apple equivalent to the windows blue screen of death.

and i have tried everything, boot discs, os x install discs, everything, with nothing working. i have never experenced something so intractable in the 15 years I have been using ms windows (i have used mac’s on and off for 20 years so i am no windows bigot). never. what a pita. and to top it off, applecare take support, unlike ms tech support, is only available via phone until 6pm pac time. seriously does apple not think someone might want to tech support at night? what a pile of crap. can you tell i am pissed off right now?

i know it’s not the hardware either since i have boot camp and i can run windows just fine (the os I am writing this from). how’s that for an irony? windows works, while os x doesn’t.

score: windows 1, os x 0.

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