cuban takes on gootube

Mashable covers the story here and comes to the conclusion that mark’s personal feelings are driving magnolia’s decision to go after youtube users.

Two things come to mind – who cares if its personal? Mark’s business has the right to do what they are doing and they are doing it.

I’ve had the chance to meet Mark and he’s one shrewd cookie – too bad Martin wasn’t able to sell then (later known as loudeye recently sold in parts to Nokia and Muze) way back when. We were close but then mark had to go and sell to yahoo. bastard ;-)

Personally my bet is that Mark’s doing it to either prove or disprove the legal standing the gootube is using to avoid content licensing deals with content owners. And as a content owner, Mark’s right.

The bigger question to me is why didn’t Mark follow his own advice and flood gootube with promo videos for magnolia’s content like he explains here.

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2 Responses to cuban takes on gootube

  1. mark cuban says:

    Hey Todd… it was close !

    And we havent flooded yet simply because we havent had the time or resources to do it… Yet.

    We are looking for interns.

    And you are right. This is about bringing this to a head. Gootube wants to pretend its a service provider and can hide behind the DMCA.
    Could you imagine where could be if they just took everything they hosted and put it on a portal ?

  2. todd says:

    So close, so close especially given the buyout it would have been so good for all of us :) Next time you have a chance to buy a company I’m at – I won’t let you get away this time.

    Anyway, I totally agree about – and the amazing thing is we talked about that. We even wrote a plan for a youtube service for consumers called based on our web-based encoding site ( But we realized that if anything inappropriate got uploaded we would need to take it down or get the rights. And so we started doing that for music (the dominant format for content in 1999). In retrospect it makes you wonder whether the market actually respects companies who play the rules. I think I found my next post.

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