google is the man.

According to the IAB, Internet ad spending topped $4.2 billion for q3 2006. What’s amazing is that Google accounted for $2.7 billion or 65% of the market for online ad spending! Wow.

What’s interesting about that stat is Google only represents about 10 billion page views out of the roughly 1.5 trillion total monthly page views according to UBS/ComScore. So Google’s 0.67% market share of page views pulled in 65% of the ad dollars.

For comparison, MySpace’s top rank with 50+ billion page views per month is supposedly bringing in a whooping $75 million a quarter. At least Yahoo’s 50 billion page views per month are bringing in something closer to Google at $1.6 billion (yep 40% less dollars with 5x more traffic!).  Facebook is brining in $200 million a year from MSFT so that’s $50 million a quarter with approximately 10 billion page views a month.

MySpace and Facebook together drive `5% of all page views online. Yep 1 out of every page view is a MySpace or Facebook page view.  Rollin Youtube, Flickr, etc. and I have to believe you are looking at 20-25% of overall internet traffic easy (and likely a lot more).  Too bad that social media traffic is a royal PITA to monetize.

At this point, when it comes to making money online, Google is the man.

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