Pet Peeve

What is Nate Torrence doing in a blog?

I have to get this off my chest. It’s been bugging for a long time. Don’t worry I won’t by shy.

At this point in time, I am no longer dumbfounded at how lame, boring, or typical most advertisements are these days. One of the little things that I always notice is how often different TV commercials for different brands will use the same actor. For instance, the actor Nate Torrence (imdb) appeared in an Enterprise rental car ad as Moose going renting a car to go to his high school reunion. Then he was cast in a series of Capital One ads as a foil to David Spade’s always say no CSR. Nate is just one example of dozens of actors who seem to get cast in tv advertisement after tv advertisement for a range of companies.

My point is in an era where every little detail matters when trying to build, maintain, or grow a brand this is a big deal. When done right – which is very, very rare these days – the visual imagery and (hopefully) story a tv ad can communicate can help a brand stand out in the over saturated media environment we live in. So when you use an image aka actor that is being used elsewhere, it becomes that much harder to show that your brand is really unique.

So my fellow marketers – please be original when casting tv commercials. It can only help.

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